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Digital Copy of the Academic Identity Cards

We inform you that the students' Academic Identity Card is now adittionally distributed as a digital copy by downloading a PKPASS file for Android and Apple devices.


As of 24/09/2012, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students of all Universities and Technological Institutions of the country can apply online for a new academic identity card.

The new academic identity card features high mechanical endurance and security standards against tampering. In addition, it is designed to be valid for as long as one is a student and to cover multi-purposes, aside from just being a Student Fare Card (Pass). Identity cards shall be picked up at the delivery point selected by each student when filing his application, free of charge.

The new identity card indicates precisely the validity period of the Student Fare entitlement. In case a student is not eligible for a Student Fare, the card shall be valid only as an academic identity card.

Each Institution may take advantage of the new identity cards by developing new academic services and/or applications to better serve its students.

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