Application Submission

Log into the system and fill out personal data

1. Undergraduate students

In order to be able to submit an online application for an academic identity card, an undergraduate student is required to have academic credentials (username - password) given to students by the relevant Department upon their registration to be used for all online services of the Institution.

In case a student has not received pertinent credentials as well as in the event of any eventual access problems, he/she may contact the Department's Secretariat or the Institution's Network Center.

Following successfully logging into the system, the student shall have to confirm the accuracy of his/her personal data. In case of any errors, the student should contact the Department's Secretariat or the Institution's Network Center in order to make pertinent rectification. Thereafter, the student shall have to fill out any other personal details as they may be required.


2. Postgraduate and doctoral students

Postgraduate and doctoral students shall not log into the system by using their academic credentials, instead they shall have to fill out themselves the personal data they shall be requested to. Each student's statement shall be considered as a Responsible Declaration in the sense and to the effects of Law 1599/1986, so therefore students should be very careful when entering information which must be true and up to date.

Submission of application and pick up of the Academic Identity Card

Prior to submitting the application, the student must mandatorily read and accept the terms and conditions of the service. Then, the steps herebelow must be followed:

1. Upload a file containing a student's personal photo. Photo must meet the following requirements:

-- Dimensions should be at least 240 x 240 pixels
-- The type of photo file must be .jpg
-- The size of the photo should not exceed 2MB

Photo should be recent, in color, on a neutral background and should clearly depict only the face of the applicant student. This photo shall be printed on the student's academic identity card.

2. Select the point of delivery of the academic identity card. There will be delivery points in all cities of Greece, where a Higher Education Department is in operation.

3. Review the application and finally submit it. Once the application has been submitted, it is evaluated and eventually approved by the Secretariat of the Department.

4. The applicant student shall be notified by sms or e-mail or through his/her personal account on the information system, on the arrival of the academic identity card at the selected delivery point.

5. Pick up the academic identity card. After receiving pertinent notification, the student shall go to the delivery point in person to pick up the academic identity card by presenting his/her Identity Card and by stating the unique reference number of his/her request and the PIN code, received by sms and e-mail. In case of a third party pick-up, pertinent legal authorization shall be required.

It is noted that in the event of loss of the academic identity card, a student may apply for a replacement card, subject to pertinent approval by the Secretariat of the relevant Department. Upon such approval, the procedure as described hereinabove shall be repeated.


Detailed step-by-step guidance can be found here

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